Outdoor Glamping
The Ultimate Sleepover

Sleepy Teepee Rates

Glamping Sleepover for boys or girls in a 5M Bell Tent (16.7’ in circumference)
4 mattresses – $550
5 mattresses – $575
6 mattresses – $600

Chill out Tent – 5M
(16.7’ in circumference) – $475
(Overnight fee $50)

Glamping Sleepover for boys or girls in a 4M Bell Tent (13.5’ in circumference)
2 mattresses-$425
3 mattresses-$450
4 mattresses-$475

Chill out Tent – 4M
(13.5’ in circumference) – $400
(Overnight fee $50)

**Delivery & Set-up: $50 - Includes delivery, set up/styling, take down the next day & laundering of linens.

**Glamping Sandbag set up for hard surfaces: $125

**Additional 3-3.5’ space is needed for staking or sandbagging either tent to secure it.

Desert Glamping in a Bell Tent:  This weatherproof tent is perfect for outdoor glamping in your own backyard.

  • 5M and 4M Bell Tents Available

  • 4-6 twin air mattresses

  • Mattress pads

  • Sheets

  • Blankets

  • Duvet covers

  • Trays

  • Lanterns

  • Decor Pillows

  • Interior and exterior decor

  • Sleep mask to keep

Glamping Sleepover for Boys or Girls

“Chill Out Tent” – rent our 5M or 4M Bell tents

Our Outdoor Party Tents are filled with bean bags, pillows, tables, activities and games for kids and more.

Perfect to keep those little ones busy during a party or just to have as a great place to chill out.


5M or 4M bell Tent, Trays, Decor pillows, interior, and exterior decor

Sunny Teepee Picnic Package 3 hour set up for 6-12+ kids or adults: $385


  • two teepee chill space

  • rugs (recycled plastic perfect for outdoors and keeping clean)

  • picnic tables

  • pillows for seating

  • environmentally friendly plates and silverware for each guest

  •  table decor

  • delivery, set up, and take down


Available in two color schemes

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Teepee Themes
Transform your next Sleepover

“This company is great! The quality of the product and the party was amazing. I’ve already told all my friends Sleepy Teepee. Highly recommended. Thanks!”